The Örkény Theater welcomes the new season with an outdoor event at Madách tér in the city center. This will be the 7th Örkénykert (Örkény garden).

The programmes were selected to provide something interesting for every member of the family. The language of the event is Hungarian, but there are concerts which you can enjoy beside being surrounded by actors and people interested in culture.

Here are some recommendations for you:

9.00-10.00, Madách tér – YOGA ON THE GRASS AT MADÁCH TÉR

11.00-11.45, Main stage – SALAMON BEA ÉS A MÉTA
Hungarian folk ensemble – they often participate in the plays of the theater

16.00-16.30, Main stage – SOHARÓZA
NOISE by Soharóza  was created specially for Örkénykert in 2017.  The choir has 25 members and this 30 min long performance has the everyday noise of a big city in focus. They play with music, voice, body, space and different noises.

18.00-18.30, Main stage – AMADINDA Percussion Group
Formed in 1984, Amadinda will be celebrating their 30th anniversary next spring. On one hand they desired to present a repertoire of classic percussion music hitherto unperformed in Hungary, while on the other they aimed to introduce the percussion pieces of Hungarian composers to audiences both at home and abroad.

20.00-22.00, Main stage – ÖRKÉNY ESZTRÁD
Musical event of this non musical theater with the actors playing the songs chosen only for this special occasion. It is usually the most popular part of the event with classical music, jazz, rock.  So if you want to see famous actors of Budapest singing and playing music, you need to stay until the end of the day.

Check out the whole programme here.